Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte

Organization description: Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte provides a safe, affordable and caring "home-away-from-home" for the families of children receiving treatment in Charlotte-area medical facilities. The House provides more than a comfortable room and meals; it provides a caring environment where families receive the physical, mental, and emotional support they need to care for their sick child. Families are stronger when they are together, and this is never more important than when a child is sick or injured. By offering families a haven less than one mile from our partner hospitals, we increase their ability to spend more time with their child, interact with their clinical care team and participate in critical medical decisions. 

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Contact information - address, name, phone number and email of volunteer coordinator:

1613  E. Morehead St. Charlotte, NC 28207


Jess Palacio, Group Volunteer Manager


  • “Kids Helping Kids” – For ages 6-11

Every month, on the first Saturday of the month from 1:00-2:30pm, we invite children to the House for a fun afternoon of crafts.  We invite children between the ages of 6 and 11 to come join our team of volunteers for a special tour and project-making activity each month. Kids will be shown how the House serves families and then will create a seasonally-appropriate gift for the House. Past projects have included Halloween pumpkins for guest rooms, table centerpieces for our dining room and door decorations!  Sign-ups are posted for two months at a time.  You can sign to attend a KHK session here:    **Please note this opportunity is NOT designed for large groups.  If you have a group of 4 or more children, please contact our Group Volunteer Manager at about group volunteer opportunities.


  • Offsite Collection & Craft Projects—for ALL ages.

There are wonderful ways to support our House off-site, including collection and craft projects! These are some of the fantastic on-going collection and craft projects you can do as an individual, family or group that greatly benefit the House:

  1. Organize a Wish List Drive: Collecting our wish list items is a simple and fantastic way to help the House stay stocked with all the essentials our families need! See our wish list online or our “Wish List Wednesday” posts on Facebook.
  2. Collect Pop Tabs:  Collect pop tabs in your family kitchen, cafeteria, church narthex, neighborhood clubhouse and more! Drop off any quantity of pop tabs at the House for us to take to a recycling center and turn in for money for our House operations fund!
  3. Host a Gift Drive:  We collect gift items for newborns, kids, teens and parents to put in our Holiday Shop offered to families every December. When it’s not the holiday season, we love to receive items we can use to stock our toy closet, for activity prizes, to celebrate birthdays, and fill welcome bags for incoming families.
  4. Collect Pennies for Playtime:  Collect change, save allowance, or plan a fundraiser for Pennies for Playtime to help raise awareness and funds for the House. Contact the Annual Support Manager at (704) 335-1191 for more information.
  5. Host a Third-Party Fundraiser:  Raise awareness and money for our operational fund by holding a bake sale, car wash, oyster roast, or any fundraiser of your choosing!
  6. Organize a Dress Down Day: Schedule a jeans day or dress down day for your office or class and ask participants to give a set donation in support of the House.
  7. Craft Decorations:  Delight our families and make the House feel more like home by dropping off your hand-crafted table top centerpieces or guest room door décor! Please call the House to receive craft ideas or suggestions.
  • Plan to make door décor for 28 rooms and/or table toppers for up to 15 tables.
  • Please DO NOT use loose glitter on your decorations – only glitter glue or glitter paint should be used.
  • Please do not incorporate candles into your centerpieces. For safety reasons, candles are not allowed.
  • Table toppers should have a maximum diameter of 10 inches and a maximum height of 12 inches.
  • Door décor should have a hole or string in order to be hung on the hook on the door.
  • Please remember that we welcome families of all cultures, beliefs and customs, and therefore, we ask that you avoid religious content. Please do not hesitate to ask us about an idea!
  1. Design Cards: Decorate cards to show support and love for our guest families! Simple messages like “welcome to the House with a heart,” “you rock,” or “shine bright” bring a smile to our guests’ faces. Alternatively, you can design unique blank or generic cards that can be used by guests or staff to send their own personal messages!
  2. Assemble Goody Bags: Decorate goody bags and fill them with small items for either adults or children, such as playing cards, game books, stickers, puzzles, notebooks and more! Goody bags will either be delivered to guest rooms or set out for families to help themselves on their way to the hospital.
  3. Make Pillow Cases: Using a sewing machine or hem tape, make decorative standard size pillow cases for guests to use on their pillows to brighten their hospital or guest room or serve as a keepsake when they return home. Styles for boys, girls and adults are all appreciated!
  4. Decorate Onesies: A lot of the families we serve are here with newborns. Share some love and creativity by decorating onesies in sizes Preemie to 12 Months for our smallest guests! Please be sure to use fabric paint or other non-toxic materials.

If you have any questions about our off-site activities or would like to suggest an idea of your own, please contact the Group Volunteer Manager at 704.335.1191.  Our doors are open from 8am-8pm 7 days a week to receive donations or deliveries:

Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte

1613 E. Morehead Street

Charlotte, NC 28207

  • Year of Love – For ALL Ages.

This program is an on-going opportunity that volunteers can join at any point in the year. We have determined our greatest needs and have designated a different activity or donation for every month. This is a great way for students or families to support our House on a regular basis. Whether you complete an activity for one month or 12 months, you’re providing valuable support to our guest families. We welcome having you at the House when making a delivery to RMH between 8am-8pm, 7 days a week, throughout the month.

“Year of Love” Certificate: Complete 12 consecutive months of the program and earn our “Year of Love” certificate! You can register for the certificate program by contacting our Group Volunteer Manager at (704) 335-1191. To earn a certificate, you must register with RMH in order for us to track your contributions.

Collect pop tabs in your family kitchen, cafeteria, church narthex, neighborhood clubhouse and more! Drop off any quantity of pop tabs at the House for us to take to a recycling center and turn in for money for our House operations fund!

What are “pop tabs?” 

Pop tabs are the little aluminum flip-tops on most soda and other aluminum beverage cans. They are small, clean, easy to collect and they don’t typically get as sticky as the rest of the cans. Ronald McDonald Houses all over the world have been involved in pop tab programs for decades!

Who collects them, and why? 

School groups, churches, businesses, scout troops, individuals….you name it, there are folks collecting tabs for our House. Some store their tabs in a Ziploc bag at home and bring them in when the bag gets full, others engage their entire community in collecting tabs and bring in hundreds of pounds! It costs nothing to start collecting tabs, and it’s an easy way to donate!

What does the House do with the pop tabs?

We’re doing something that is both environmentally conscious and good for our House! Most of the tabs are taken to a recycling center and turned in for money. Since aluminum prices vary, we receive anywhere from 15 cents to 75 cents per pound for our tabs. When you consider that we recycle hundreds of pounds of tabs a year, this can really add up! Some of the tabs are also used to create pop tab jewelry that is sold at some of our special events.

What is the Million Tab Challenge?

The Million Tab Challenge is a way for groups to add a note of friendly competition to their pop tab collecting! Groups try to collect 1 million tabs (about one thousand pounds of tabs) in a year!

How do groups enroll in the Million Tab Challenge?

There are informational packets about the Million Tab Challenge at the House and on our website. Groups can contact our Annual Support Manager at for additional information!

You can drop off any amount of pop tabs at the RMH front desk between 8am-8pm, 7 days a week!