Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center


Known for thinking "outside-the-box". Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center, offers outdoor educational programs focused on active and experiential-based learning for class field trips. They provide flexible schedules and a STEM-based curriculum that can be tailored to meet individual specific needs.

They work with schools to combine the right mix of environmental and adventure education components to support their specific goals. Their programs allow students to experience the wonder and awe found in nature, and learn how they can plan a hands-on role in creating a more sustainable environment. 



At Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center, they depend on the time and efforts donated by our volunteers. If it weren't for their generosity in the form of time, many of the wonderful programs and services provided to our guests would not be possible. Volunteers vary in ages from teens to senior citizens and do everything from helping with construction projects, giving presentations, and helping with events


Selena Goodin

Allison Woods Outdoor
Learning Center
248 Allison’s Woods Drive
Statesville, NC