The Mooresville Kindness Closet's mission is to spread kindness to the community by providing basic household and hygiene items that are not covered by government assistance. Anyone may come and take items that they need for no cost during the park hours (sunrise to sunset). **Please note that the closet does not supply food, clothing, books, or toys.

 The closet is run and supported 100% by the community. Either individuals or groups in Mooresville donate all items in the closet.

For teens – The closet is always in need of items.  You can buy items on the list below and go to stock the closet anytime during the day.  Please choose from the list of items below.  We ask that all items be in new condition, unused, and unopened.   When you drop off items, take inventory of what else is needed and post on the Facebook page.

For groups and parents - Another way to help is to have your group (school club, church groups, company) sign up to stock and check on the closet for two-week periods. See the sign up genius for details.  This is a much bigger commitment in terms of time and money but is incredibly rewarding knowing you are helping directly serve the community.

 Examples of items to stock in the Kindness Closet: - Hand Sanitizer - Toothbrushes/Toothpaste/Dental floss - Tissues/Toilet Paper/Paper towels - First aid items - Shampoo/Conditioner/ Bars of soap/ Baby Shampoo - Diapers (may be split into Gallon Zip Locks to save space) - Wipes -Deodorant -Q-tips - Paper plates/Dish Soap/ Sponges -Feminine hygiene needs -School supplies -Brushes/Combs -Washcloths

**Cross out all UPC codes with a Sharpie! **

Thank you to everyone for supporting the Mooresville Kindness Closet ❤

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phone – 901-827-7592